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Journal of Legal Education
A pioneer Journal on Legal Education in Pakistan. First Issue coming soon.

    In Pakistan, there is no law journal dedicated to the study of legal education, its problmes, and the empirical research on legal education. Further, it is very rare to find an article on legal education in already existing law journals of Pakistan. Even these articles are of prototype and are without any empirical study or contemporary research on the topic. Therefore, Hammad Institute of Legal Research (HILR), a pioneer institute established in 1997 for research on the development of law and legal education in Pakistan, took the step to edit and publish a Journal of Legal Education to provide a forum for debate and discussion about the contemporary problems of this field in Pakistan. It is hoped that this Journal will prove a source for all those who are interested in reforming legal education in Pakistan.

Research on the following topics can be considered for publication :

    Articles discussing the present issues and problems of legal education in Pakistan;
    Empirical study of legal education concluding results based on such study;
    Analysis of student-teacher and student-institution behaviour;
    Studies about the problems faced by the law faculties;
    Studies about the new means of imparting knowledge in law colleges;
    Use of information technology in law colleges, its pros and cons, and its overall effects on the field of law;
    Comparative studies showing results as to what could be learnt from institutions of legal education in other countries;
    Development of curriculum of legal education coping the flaws presently found in our system of legal education;
    Studies showing interaction of the Bar and the Bench with law colleges;
    Continuing Legal Education;
    Aspects of In-Service Training of Judges;
    Clinical Legal Education;
    Role of Bar;
    Book Reviews on latest and classic books written on the topic of legal education.

It is not restricted to the above mentioned topics of research. Any other related studies which can help in further development of the field of legal education are welcome.


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Hammad Journal of Legal Education


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